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<p>Though it's still in early development, indie developer tinyfoq's upcoming action/puzzler Lonely Planet is a minimal game worth taking a look at.</p><p>Set in an unnamed universe, the idea of the game is that you're forced to land on a strange planet. Coming in contact with a mysterious Sage, you're asked to collect three crystals for him in order to be sent back home, and so on and so forth.</p><p>Ignoring the basic animations in the beginning of the trailer, the actual gameplay and design is really striking. The world is set in monochrome with the occasional splash of red to signal danger. Throughout the game you have to traverse the environment, avoiding traps and pitfalls, in order to progress through the levels and find the crystals you need.</p><p>You have three abilities throughout the game: sprint/dash, reflect, and link. These three abilities help you to manoeuvre traps, pick your way across difficult environments, and get through the level in one piece.</p><p>Information is still very thin on the ground about Lonely Planet but we'll keep you updated where we can.</p>.

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