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<p>Plague Inc. is one of the most addictive and oddly satisfying strategy simulation games on the market, and it looks like some big things are about to happen as Plague Inc. Scenario Creator is on its way.</p><p>The upcoming Scenario Creator lets you take the reins as your own mass murderer, and develop a devious plague to unleash on the world. Whether that's going to be an alien parasite which pops people's heads like overfilled balloons, or something totally down to earth like really bad sniffles. The world is your oyster, my friends.</p><p>With five labs to play around with, each with their own specific focus, there's all kind of chaotic fun to be had. Then, once you're happy with your scenario you can share it with friends directly, or you can publish it worldwide and keep track on the statistics.</p><p>Plague Inc. Scenario Creator will be a standalone app, available to pick up in the next month or so for £2.99/$2.99. You'll need the base game to play however, so grab it here for 79p/99c on the App Store, or on Google Play.</p>.

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