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Ossian Studios has announced that its Silver Award-winning RPG The Shadow Sun will be "coming soon" to Android.Unfortunately, a more precise idea of when the game might arrive on Android wasn't issued.This shouldn't be too painful if you're among those who have been beta-testing the game on Android since April this year.If you aren't among that selected bunch of people then find one and throw as much of your jealousy at them as possible. It'll be good practice for the many conflicts you'll get yourself into in The Shadow Sun.It's an RPG after all, and that usually means spell and sword fights are guaranteed - in this care, they are. You'll also get to adopt a dog so it's not all vicious scraps and running away from plagues.In our review of the iOS version, we said: "It's easy to lose yourself in the rich world, immersive lore, and forest of side-quests of The Shadow Sun."It's available for £5.49 / $7.99 on the App Store so expect a similar price on Android whenever it does arrive.Android Rundown.

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4x4 Off-Road Rally 6(APK v1.1.7):

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