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Last year, PC strategy game publisher Kalypso announced that it had formed Kalypso Media Mobile. This was to focus on bringing games to iOS and Android.Today, the first of these games called Crowntakers has launched on iOS. It's a strategy-RPG set in a medieval fantasy land in which you race to rescue the king from the evil duke. It was originally launched on PC last year.Crowntakers is obviously built for replaying due to its procedurally generated environments. The idea being that you get a varied experience each time you play.But this is also tied to Kalypso's goal of creating a challenging experience, too. After all, this is a turn-based RPG played across a hex-based grid. Not knowing what you'll encounter with each turn is part of the fun.Fortunately, you are able to hire from nine unique mercenaries to help you out. You'll want to make use of the wizard, archer, and scout's abilities to overcome your foe.Speaking of the foe, you can expect the usual roster of knights and bandits around towns and castles. You'll also find feral animals that won't appreciate you trudging through forests and mountains..

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