Spaceship Master(MOD (Auto Dance, No Damage, Combo) v1.0.1) Download

Spaceship Master(MOD (Free Upgrade) v1.1.0) Download

Spaceship Master(MOD (Unlimited Money/Resources) v2.3.4)

<p>I tend to avoid first-person shooters on mobile because thinking about how such complicated, precision-based mechanics could work on a phone makes me nervous.</p><p>Unkilled, an upcoming zombie game from Madfinger, solves at least one of these potential control issues.</p><p>You control both your own movement and the camera by pressing down on the screen with both thumbs, as if using invisible joysticks.</p><p>The interesting part is shooting; it's automatic. If you can land your crosshair over an enemy, you'll begin auto-firing.</p><p>This isn't new. Madfinger employed the same mechanic in Dead Trigger 2 from 2013.</p><p>I can't say how well it worked there (the game scored a Bronze Award in our review), but it worked decently well in Unkilled and allowed for some faster paced action than I would've expected from a touch-based shooter.</p>.

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